Best Jamaican cookbooks

If you can’t get away for a legit vacation, bring the vacation to you through foods of the area. Ok, that’s totally not as good as an actual vacation, but it’s something. Take Jamaica, for example: beautiful place, chillax vibe, dreamy reggae beats. Pssh, you can make that happen in your kitchen. Here are a few books to help:

jamaicaAuthentic Recipes from Jamaica (Authentic Recipes Series)
By John DeMers

With its unique produce and multicultural influences, Jamaica has developed a unique cuisine that’s perfectly captured in this collection from food writer John DeMers. Both traditional dishes and newer takes on old favorites live throughout the text, interlaced with island history and sidebars about especially-prized and quintessential ingredients.

Jerk from Jamaica: Barbecue Caribbean Style
By Helen Willensky

Cheeky title, no-nonsense book. With great focus on heat of both spice and fire types, this cookbook captures all the essential flavors of Jamaican grilling in a simple, low-key way, with recipes accompanied by easy ideas for sides, drinks and desserts.

Lucinda’s Authentic Jamaican Kitchen
By Lucinda Scala Quinn

Scala Quinn, from the PBS “Everyday Food” series, shares cooking techniques and essential flavor combinations of signature Jamaican food. This collection is comprised of simple, satisfying dishes, alongside dreamy descriptions of Jamaican roadside shops, jerk stops, and other scenes of island living.

Jamaican Recipes Cookbook: Over 50 Most Treasured Jamaican Cuisine Cooking Recipes (Caribbean Recipes)
By by K. Reynolds-James

This simple and traditional collection of Jamaican classics includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and drink recipes.

Jamaican Christmas Recipes: 21 Most Wanted Jamaican Christmas Recipes (Christmas Recipes Book)
By by K. Reynolds-James

This other title from author Reynolds-James is too specific to skip. This collection of Christmas-specific Jamaican recipes is a fascinating look into island celebrations and special occasion food with dishes from a traditional Christmas ham with Jamaican touches to jerk fish and Jamaican Christmas cake.

Did we skip a great cook in this category? Kindly leave us a comment below so we can check it out.


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