Best books about tightrope walking

Tightrope walking isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all benefit from learning about the principles of balance, embracing our fear, and self-control behind the art of the high wire. The following books can help you understand the highly misunderstood daredevil art and science behind how to walk a tightrope.

tightrope-walkingHow to Slackline!: A Comprehensive Guide to Rigging and Walking Techniques for Tricklines, Longlines, and Highlines (How To Climb Series) by by Hayley Ashburn (Author), Scott Rogers (Photographer)
The no-folling-around guide for learning the essentials and fundamentals of slacklining. Includes history of the practice, methods, and techniques, written by a recognized expert in the field.

Let the Great World Spin: A Novel by Colum McCann
While a novel rather than an instruction manual, this book is set in 1974 New York City and focuses on the lives of people on the ground far below the group walking between the Twin Towers. Yet, it wonderfully sets the scene and draws from the drama of the event as anchor and focus.

The Physiological Effects of Slacklining: Focusing on Balance and Core Strength by Benjamin Mahaffey and Jeff Steffen
Insight into what the human body does when slacklining, including which systems are called upon. Heavy duty reading, but quite thorough, and beneficial for any fitness enthusiast.

Did we overlook a great book in this category? Please let us know in the comments section so we can check it out. 


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