Best books about fantasy football

Fantasy football, the great autumnal office time-squanderer. While football, much less fantasy football, isn’t for everyone, sports of the fantasy-ilk has its perks, not the least of which is winning cash when done well, geeking out on stats, and a decent tool for learning a lot about football in a mere season. Here are a few books to help:

Fantasy Football for Smart People: A Guide to Winning at Daily Fantasy Sports
By Jonathan Bales
In this guide, Bales lays out tactics and strategies to use on DraftKings and other fantasy sports sites to give you a competitive advantage over those dumbasses in your office league who seem to otherwise know a lot about football.

(Photo: J. Larrison/Flickr)
(Photo: J. Larrison/Flickr)

How To Think Like A Daily Fantasy Football Winner: Applying psychological lessons from the poker table and Wall Street to capture a competitive edge in the daily fantasy sports marketplace
By by C.D. Carter (Author), JJ Zachariason (Illustrator), Patrick Lane (Editor)
Think of this one as psychological bootcamp for beating the crap out of people in fantasy football. Using philosophies from Wall Street and poker, this book is filled with ways to consistently win.

Fantasy Football For Dummies
By Martin Signore
While sometimes resorting to the “dummies” guides is a total cop-out on a reading list, in this case, it’s important to include as this book can be extremely helpful to newcomers, those less familiar with the jargon associated with football, or those who are into fantasy football more for social reasons than sports-related ones. In any case, this book breaks it down in unintimidating language and helps players level up quickly.

Did we skip an important book in this category? Holler (kindly) in the comments area and we’ll check it out.


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